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Curriculum Objectives

The goal of this course is to provide attendees with a good understanding of US (Ultrasound) technology. We will cover the theoretical, technical and practical training in US.
In this course, experts will present attendees with different applications of US in abdominal pathology encountered by clinicians in their everyday practice.
The course will focus on learning US physics, image acquisition, sonoanatomy, examination technique, US findings in normal and pathologic conditions of abdominal organs.
The cornerstone of this program is the hands-on training. During this one-week session, participants will be supervised in carrying out bedside scans on volunteers or patients with normal or pathologic conditions.


By the end of the courses participants will be able:

  • to understand the US physics and technology
  • to identify the sonographic pattern of different tissues
  • to recognize and explain common US artefacts
  • to describe US images using adequate terminology
  • to select appropriate transducers, equipment settings and probe positions for the identification of normal and pathologic organs
  • to understand the sonoanatomy of abdominal organs
  • to recognize the sonographic appearances of common abdominal pathology
  • to understand preoperative and interventional echography
  • to understand the indications and limitations of US in an ICU department